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For additional information about dealing with the effects of abortion, visit a website sponsored by Project Rachel at the following link:

For information about the early stages of human development following fertilization, visit: 

A ministry for men affected by abortion is called Project Joseph and can be found at the following website: 

For information on abortion pill reversal, call the 24-hour, nurse-staffed hotline at 1-877-558-0333.

Current Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter, Volume 24, No. 1:


New Pro-Life Developments to be Discussed at Next Luncheon

We are lucky to have two pro-life speakers at our next BPPFL luncheon on Tuesday, March 12 at the Garden Cafe here in Omaha.  Our own Teresa Kenney, a BPPFL Board member, and Marion Miner, Associate Director for Pro-Life & Family of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, will speak to us about new important pro-life developments.

One new important pro-life development is Legislative Bill 209 introduced by Nebraska State Senator Albrecht.  It's a bill in the current Nebraska Legislature relating to information about the abortion reversal pill.  This information will notify women that it may be possible to reverse the effects of a medication abortion. 

We sincerely hope you will be able to attend this educational luncheon and not only be better informed but also inspired to carry on with your pro-life work.  And as always, please feel free to bring a friend to the luncheon.  Details on how to make your luncheon reservations are provided below.  THANKS FOR MAKING EARLY RESERVATIONS.

Pro-Life Prayers

We hope you have time in your daily prayer life to say a pro-life prayer.  Many years ago we heard from a speaker at one of our luncheons who said that we must try to change the minds and hearts of people who support abortion.  Our pro-life prayers can help change those minds and hearts.  

Check It Out

Our BPPFL website -- -- recently added a reference to Project Joseph.  Project Joseph is a website for "men who struggle with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion."  Check it out by clicking on the news & events section of our BPPFL website.

President's Message to the Membership 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in BPPFL,

As we are in the midst of the cold winter and snow, it gives some chance to reflect on some things that are important and that we may otherwise forget during the busy and active days of spring, summer and fall.  We are able to think about the upcoming beauty of spring that is to come, even while enjoying the different kind of beauty of the snow, barren trees and fields covered with snow.

We are always coming up with new and innovative ideas if we take time to think about the problem of abortion and how we can best help with overcoming this scourge.  One such discovery recently has been the finding of a medication to reverse the effects of the "abortion pill," if taken in a timely period, so that the girl who took the pill to cause an abortion and changes her mind, can take the reversal pill and still have her baby.  This is especially meaningful when we are finding that over 50% of abortions are now caused by women taking drugs to induce abortion, instead of going through surgery at an abortion clinic.  This will be covered at our next meeting.

Let us rejoice at this new finding and use our creative thinking to come up with better ways of educating people of the evil of abortion, help pass on information to other persons and officials, help elect qualified pro-life candidates, and best use our talents where most effective.  Like in the middle of winter we can anticipate springtime, we can also anticipate the birth of a new child as yet unseen.  So let us remember how important our work is in assisting this beautiful birth to occur.

See you, hopefully, at our next meeting on March 12th.                 

God Bless,
John H. Kellogg, Jr.
President of BPPFL


  Garden Cafe, Rockbrook Village, 11040 Oak St., Omaha, NE (Big Party Room) 
When:   Tuesday, March 12, starting at 11:30 AM (social time) with lunch served at noon
Menu:  Two Entree Buffet: $15.00

Please e-mail your reservations to or or call 402-659-7287 on or before noon on Monday, March 11, and please include your name or names for each person.  


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