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For additional information about dealing with the effects of abortion, visit a website sponsored by Project Rachel at the following link:

For information about the early stages of human development following fertilization, visit: 

A ministry for men affected by abortion is called Project Joseph and can be found at the following website:

Current Newsletter

November 2018 Newsletter, Volume 23, No. 3:


Bethlehem House Featured at Next Luncheon on December 5

We are very pleased to have Holly Sak, Executive Director of the Bethlehem House as our next luncheon speaker.  She heads an organization that truly does great work in our community.  Our noon luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, December 5 at the Garden Cafe here in Omaha.

As many of you already know, the Bethlehem House is a pro-life loving home for pregnant women.  Their motto is "Empowering Women from Surviving to Thriving."  The Bethlehem House respects all human life, born and unborn.

This Christmas season is an excellent time to learn more about the Bethlehem House, its accomplishments and future goals.  We hope you will come to this luncheon and leave with renewed energy and vision.  And please bring a friend!  Details on how to make your reservation are provided below.  We urge you to make an early reservation.  Thanks!

Time to Renew Our BPPFL Pro-Life Goals

Now that the election cycle is over we probably should take time to turn our attention to the regular task of promoting the culture of life in our community.  At times it seems like it's an uphill battle, but as members of BPPFL, we are not alone.  Wearing the baby's feet pin is one way to promote the culture of life.  If you've lost your pin, please let one of our BPPFL Board members know so that we can order a new one for you.  

BPPFL Needs a New Treasurer

Yes, our BPPFL Treasurer has retired after many years of good service.  If you're a BPPFL member and can balance a checkbook, please consider volunteering for this office.  Please contact John Kellogg, the BPPFL President, if you're interested.  Thank you.

Nebraska Legislature

It won't be long and the Nebraska State Senators will return to Lincoln for another session.  Will there be pro-life bills that come under the category of the culture of death?  We should keep vigilant about these bills so that, if needed, we can contact our State Senator and offer our support or opposition.

President's Message to the Membership 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in BPPFL,

We have finished the Elections, some results causing happiness and some disappointment.  We do pray that all of the newly elected officeholders will use their office to help form policies that will best help the whole community, from conception to natural death.  Most of our former speakers at BPPFL were reelected, such as Gov. Pete Ricketts, Lt. Gov. Mike Foley, Representative Don Bacon, Senator Deb Fischer and others.  This gives us hope that we will retain some strong voices for pro-life in our Federal and State offices.

We can be encouraged also by the appointment of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, which together with previous Trump appointee Neil M. Gorsuch strengthens our U.S. Supreme Court on the pro-life issues, perhaps for many years to come.  We still have to remember however, that the Lord is still all powerful, and we must pray to Him that all persons, including those in the womb or at old ages, will be treated with respect and dignity.

Thank you all for your continuing efforts to bring about a pro-life culture, in your diverse areas of work and location.  It takes all of us, under God, to bring about a culture that reflects the loving attitude of God's Kingdom.  (Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.)

Hope to see you at the luncheon on December 5, 2018!                 

God Bless,
John H. Kellogg, Jr.
President of BPPFL


  Garden Cafe, Rockbrook Village, 11040 Oak St., Omaha, NE (Small Party Room) 
When:   Wednesday, December 5, starting at 11:30 AM (social time) with lunch served at noon
Menu:  Two Entree Buffet: $15.00

Please e-mail your reservations to or call 402-659-7287 on or before noon on Tuesday, December 4, and please include your name or names for each person.  


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