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Please join us on Sunday, August 16th, 2020 at 2:00 pm for an outdoor prayer service at "A Haven For Healing," a memorial dedicated to the unborn lost to abortion or miscarriage.  The memorial is located at St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery (46th & Q Streets) in Omaha.  "A Haven For Healing" can be found on the cemetery's south side, encircling a statue of Rachel.  Social distancing will be practiced, and please bring a mask.  We hope to see you there!

For additional information about dealing with the effects of abortion, visit a website sponsored by Project Rachel at the following link:

For information about the early stages of human development following fertilization, visit: 

A ministry for men affected by abortion is called Project Joseph and can be found at the following website: 

For information on abortion pill reversal, call the 24-hour, nurse-staffed hotline at 1-877-558-0333.

Current Newsletter

August 2020 Newsletter, Volume 25, No. 1:


BPPFL Prayer Service Scheduled For August 16

Even though our plans for a March luncheon were ruined by the virus, BPPFL invites and encourages all its members and guests to join our annual outdoor prayer service at the Haven For Healing Memorial located at St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery in Omaha.  The prayer service will be held on Sunday, August 16 starting at 2:00 pm.  The prayer service will be a good opportunity to make a pro-life difference.  At the prayer service we will practice social distancing and, of course, encourage eveyone to wear a mask.  SEE YOU THERE!

Pro-Life Bill Introduced Into Nebraska Legislature 

LB 814 has been introduced into the current session of the Nebraska Legislature.  If passed it would prohibit dismemberment abortions in Nebraska and, according to the Introducer's Statement of Intent, would specify "criminal penalties for physicians who perform live dismemberment abortions...".  LB 814 is worthy of your consideration and support.

Update Regarding "A Haven For Healing" Memorial 

"A Haven For Healing" is a memorial dedicated to the unborn lost through abortion or miscarriage and is located at St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery in Omaha (46th and Q Street).  The memorial was created by BPPFL about 20 years ago to serve a need, allowing mothers, fathers, grandparents or others to memorialize unborn babies.  The Haven helps people through the grieving process that can follow such a loss by providing a quiet place for reflection and prayer.  The site currently has a total of 48 names engraved on stones.  Two stones were placed at the memorial last fall.  Since that time, a couple inquiries for more information have been received but have not advanced yet.

In recognition that many people may have difficulty with the cost of stones and engravings, BPPFL provides assistance with these costs and with placing the orders.  The full cost of engraving a stone is $197.95.  A few of our members have offered to "adopt" an unborn baby's engraving costs when the need arises, and this is greatly appreciated!  This may become even more important as a result of the current pandemic.  Thank you for everyone's support of the memorial over the years, and please continue to let people know of its availability.  More information is available on the BPPFL website:

Thanks to All who continue to financially support the work of BPPFL.  If you wish you can donate or adopt an unborn baby by sending a check to the BPPFL Treasurer at 2708 Liberty Lane, Papillion, NE 68133.  THANKS & GOD BLESS!

President's Message to the BPPFL Membership 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in BPPFL,

We have just gone through, and are still experiencing, a terrible pandemic, called COVID 19.  Our whole nation and the world have had to change habits at work, play, family and many other activities because this has struck fear and anger in many people.  Most people are trying, in their own way, to stop the scourge of this virus.

How much do we really get so concerned with the much greater evil of abortion?  Though the COVID 19 virus infection has been detected in 25,157 Nebraskans in the last 6 months causing 321 deaths (.013% per 7/29/20 Omaha World Herald) many of the cases are mild or asymptomatic.  By contrast Nebraska has averaged over 2000 surgical abortions per year since the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, with probably at least as many by drug induced abortion that are not reported.  In the case of abortion there are 100% deaths of innocent babies, male and female, and the father (even if husband) has no legal power to stop the abortion.  Many of the women suffer serious emotional and physical damage, not to mention spiritual.  God alone can judge the subjective moral consequences, but the objective result is evil.  We must be inspired to fight the horrible abortion problem, not only in our BPPFL group, but in our entire lives.  We can be informed, enthusiastic and hard working to reduce and eliminate abortion, the worst pandemic in our time.  We can accomplish this only with God's help and our cooperative efforts, but we can and must do our part.  We must be passionate about the problem, even more than we fear viruses.  We should not see it as a constitutional right, but a pandemic of killing millions of people each year.  If people have no right to be born, none of their other rights matter.

Hope to see you at the prayer service on August 16th.  Please invite your pro-life friends.         

God Bless,
John H. Kellogg, Jr.
President of BPPFL

LUNCHEON DETAILS:  None scheduled at this time due to the pandemic



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