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who we are
We are an association of business and professional people who have come together for the purpose of promoting respect for human life from conception until natural death.  Each person's inalienable right to life is a gift from God, and it is the duty of Government to protect that right.  We are extending an invitation to others of like mind in business and the professions to join us in this effort.  We are nondenominational and non-partisan.

what we do
We have regular luncheons in Omaha, Nebraska and invite pro-life speakers to discuss such topics as partial-birth abortion, pending pro-life legislation, euthanasia, and stem cell research.  Our guest speakers have been federal and state legislators, mayors, current and ex-governors, and pro-life leaders of national, state, and local groups.

We sponsored pro-life speakers in local high schools and provided pro-life books to the Omaha Public Schools.

Each member of our group is asked to witness to the humanity of the unborn by wearing a pin depicting an unborn child's feet 10 weeks after conception.

We funded, designed, constructed and dedicated a very special memorial for the unborn located at St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery in Omaha.  The memorial is a haven for healing for people affected by abortion or miscarriage.  People can arrange to have the names of their unborn children engraved on the granite stones at the memorial.  Click on "A Haven For Healing" above for more information.

where we're going
We hope to increase our pro-life efforts by expanding our membership so that we can become a stronger force for influencing pro-life legislation and educating the public.


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